Welcome to the world of Connevans - we have a number of micro web sites covering different areas of our business

Connevans is a multifaceted company. We design products, we manufacture products, we source products, we evaluate products, we merchandise products, we understand our products and we are here to supply you products that will serve you well.

Connevans is 50+ years old and we hope that our traditional values will help us to continue giving you good service during our next 50 years.

Connevans is a company passionate about the solutions we offer and the equipment we supply - and what's more you can talk with us in the UK! 01737 247571 or email us.

The Connevans Limited shopping website - www.connevans.co.uk - includes a vast range of diverse stock products both deaf and non deaf related. To help with the search structure of our website, in addition to our departmental and product groupings we have created the following Connevans microsites.

www.Connevans.info - this is our new Connevans information website on products for deaf and hard of hearing people. If you are looking for user guides or information articles this is the site to go to - it is a fantastic online resource of information for deaf people.

www.DeafEquipment.co.uk - this is the original Connevans online shopping website for products for deaf and hard of hearing people. Our site is the most comprehensive source of deaf related equipment and supplies in the world!

OneStopBatteryShop.co.uk - this is Connevans newest website the clue is in the name!

SoundRanger - the UK home of portable wireless sound systems - made in Britain.

www.Azden.net - Connevans are an Azden UK distributor and our microwebsite offers the UK & EU audio professional a reliable local source for Azden products. There is a great range of Azden pro audio products from shoe mount directional microphones to on camera radio microphones... if you are wanting to purchase or just browse the available products...here.

www.SchoolSoundfield.co.uk - the true home of School Soundfield Systems - made in Britain.

www.Earplug-Store.co.uk - increasingly the world in which we live is becoming noisier. Take action now to protect your hearing or risk damaging it permanently.
The Connevans Earplug Store microwebsite offers a wide range of hearing protection products, aimed at improving protection for all situations and environments. Whether you are looking for earplugs for sleeping, snoring, swimming, music, on the road or at work, Connevans can offer you a choice.

www.LoudMobiles.co.uk - Connevans are delighted to offer a range of amplified and Hearing Aid Compatible mobile telephones - designed specifically to be easy enough for everyone to use. All the phones are amplified and compatible with hearing aids.

www.MegaphoneShop.co.uk - the clue of course is in the URL name. Connevans originally offered megaphones partly as we thought schools would buy them but also because their sale beside products for hearing aids made people smile. Nowadays our range of ex-stock megaphones is one of the widest avialable on the web and in addition to schools and village fetes our customers include police forces, rowing clubs and festival organisers, well worth a browse.

www.PlugAdaptors.co.uk - the clue of course again is in the URL name. The Connevans PlugAdaptor microsite is the ultimate one stop online source for international mains plug adaptors.

www.TrantecSpares.co.uk - the Connevans TrantecSpares microwebsite is your source for all things Trantec. Connevans stock and supply a wide range of spares and accessories for Trantec radio microphones from replacement windshields and tie-clips to new transmitters and receivers - all available online at competitive prices.

www.DailyLivingEquipment.co.uk - supplying Daily Living Aids is a new and and very natural progression for Connevans. Our reputation for supplying products to help with hearing difficulties is now legendary and we plan to bring the same high levels of service to this new market area.

www.VisionEquipment.co.uk - many of the products we already offer as part of our range of Deaf Equipment fall into this category and over the next few months we will be introducing a wider range of specialist products.
During 2011 and 2012 we are introducing a wider range of Vision Equipment, designed for partially sighted people and of course those with dual sensory loss.

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